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Hey, it’s 8-Bit Mullet & DJ Super Sonic, and we are caught up in the Crossfire!

We LOVE producing music that reimagines memories from the past in the most turnt way possible.

After several years of performing and partying together, we've decided to combine forces and release an entire album dedicated to one of the most catchy and over-the-top 90s commercials...CROSSFIRE!!!

Starting March 19th, we’re going to send you 7 FREE remixes of the Crossfire commercial, in 7 different genres…techno, trap, hip-hop, dance, dubstep, synthwave, & tropical house!

Plus, we’re going to share daily videos to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we make music, and the story of how this album came together.

And, subscribers will get exclusive discounts on limited-edition merch!

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About Us
8-Bit Mullet is a retro DJ, remix artist, and turntablist with much love for 80s & 90s video games, commercials, TV shows, movie themes, soundtracks, and the oxford comma.

DJ Super Sonic began his career in the Baltimore underground club scene. When it comes to "Going Fast," Super Sonic has composed many various styles of Chiptune, using the Nintendo Game Boy and Sega Genesis. 
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